The most important lesson from a dentist

The most important lesson for a dentist   I was a young dentist working at my own dental office when a 90 year-old lady taught me the greatest and the most important lesson in my life. A loving son, Mr. Klier brought his aging mother to our dental practice. She was ailing and almost blind. [...]

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How to please your patients at your dental practice

Pleasing Unhappy Patients at Your Dental Office The ultimate goal of the dental work you provide at your dental practice is simple: To satisfy your patients, free them from pain, and make them feel happy and confident when they leave the treatment room. The question becomes‚ how do you respond when the opposite occurs and [...]

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The Conscious Dentist is back!

I feel so blessed to announce to you that Dr. Charles Kravitz has joined our team. Dr. Kravitz is not only a brilliant dentist; he is also an outstanding performance coach who has helped many dentists to double and triple their net income. He is also a highly talented writer of articles and blog posts. [...]

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Share with me my special day!

Today is the 7th of March and a very special day for our family. Our son Niki is turning 18. Here in Germany it is an important age; a turning point in life. Young people who are 18 can drive, have their own bank account and finally become an adult legally. Everyone is thrilled to [...]

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Three ways to increase the acceptance of your dental plans

Three ways to increase acceptance of your dental plans One of the biggest challenges you face every single day at your dental practice is the low rate of acceptance of your dental plans. It frustrates most of you. Let us have a look at the reasons why this happens at your dental office. First of [...]

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Your great dental team

Your great dental team When you think about the team at your dental office can you describe it with these words? “Our dental team is great!” If not, why is that so? Why am I asking you this question? Just recently I came across a survey stating that: Harvard graduates were asked what the criteria [...]

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Extreme self care for dentists

Extreme self care for dentists The beginning of every year is a great time for you, dear dentist, to sit down and start writing your resolutions for the new year, the goals you want to achieve with your dental office. I am sure your business plan for 2012 is ready. Today I want to touch [...]

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