Creating Your Dental Marketing Strategy

Posted on August 10, 2010 in Dental Business

A great way to help guarantee success in your dental business is creating a dental marketing strategy or plan.  This type of planning is used in most businesses and yours should be no different.  Sure you are here to help people but you also need to make some money in the process. Here are some tips for marketing your dental practice properly.

Who Do You Want to Target

One thing you need to include on your plan is what type of patients you want to target.  Are you looking to be a discount dental office that plans on getting your cash through massive appeal?  If so then you are probably going to be targeting middle class families and older citizens that are on a fixed income.

Do you want most of your income to come from cosmetic surgery? Are you intent on becoming a dentist to primarily upper middle class patients?  Then you want to target professionals such as dentists, lawyers, executives.

Once you know what you want your patient profile to look like you need to go after these people with the design of your business, the way you advertise, and where you advertise.

How Many New Patients Do You Need?

After you have decided on what you want to the face of your new business to look like you need to come up with a number.  Set a goal for yourself on new patients per month.  This number can be 1 or it can be 100.  Put down a goal that you think you can reasonably achieve, but also make it one that you will feel like you accomplished something if you reach it.  Putting down a goal that is too easy isn’t going to give you much motivation.

Lifetime Worth

Figure out the lifetime worth of each of your clients.  You can do this by profession or however you want to group it.  For example with a lawyer you want to earn $900 a year, for a teacher you may want to set your goal at $500 a year, etc.  You can usually strive to achieve this goal by marketing more cosmetic procedures like veneers and teeth whitening to those you think can afford it.  Of course never make your patients feel uncomfortable.  Whether your patient is a doctor or a stay at home mother they are still helping to keep you in business.  You also never know who they may refer.

Set Referral Goal

When you current patients are satisfied they will brag to other patients.  Always ask new patients who referred them and keep up with these stats.  If no one is referring your new patients then you probably need to step up your service a little bit.  On your plan set a specific number of referrals that you want to aim for each month.

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