Dental marketing tip # 8-how to have more free time

Posted on October 26, 2011 in Dental Business

Dental marketing tip #8 – How to have more free time

Yesterday I watched a webinar presented by Andrew Murray.

He touched on an essential subject:

How to create more money and enjoy more free time at the same time!

Some of the coaches and teachers suggest working less in order to have more free time – you reduce your working hours and increase the amount of your leisure time.

The consequence can be earning less money.

In order to deal with having less money at your disposal you have to reduce your expenses.

Let’s have a look at this:

  • It may be easier to reduce the costs of your private life.

Will this reduction allow you to have the life style you want for yourself and your loved ones?

  • What about your dental office?

You cannot influence the rising prices for rent, dental material etc.

Do you think it is smart to curtail the salaries of your dental assistants or even the number of your staff members?

Now you certainly ask yourself:

What is the right way to create more income but work fewer hours at your dental office?

The answer is:

Implementing systems which will automatically increase your productivity.

Where can you find these systems?

Based on my 24 years of experience working as a dentist-20 years at my own dental practice in Neutraubling, Germany I have created a highly successful, easy to implement system.

It is proven and it works for any dentist.

Because it worked for me!

Keep an eye on your mail box. In a few days we will launch our

Master marketing package for dentists!

It will reveal to you the successful system on how to work fewer at your dental office and still create more income!


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  1. I would surely love to learn how to maximize my productivity without spending a lot of time. Looking forward for the launch of your new product!

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