How to great your great dental team

Posted on November 15, 2011 in Dental Business

How to create a great dental team

My conversations with colleagues and working with coaching clients have showed me where the biggest challenge for every dentist lies:

The creation of a great dental team

Why is it so crucial?

Because you rise and fall as a team.

What does it help you to be an excellent dentist providing high quality dental services to your patients when the staff members are not engaged and committed in the process?

Consider the fact that you spend 8 to 9 hours every single day working at your dental office together with your team.

Is it important to you what kind of people you are surrounded with the whole day? Does the way they support you impact your dental work?

You bet…That’s why my first tip for you is:

Regard and treat the members of your dental staff like your extended family

They are not merely your employees; they are the people you spent the most time with. Changing the perspective on how you “see” them will automatically change the way you treat them. This will alter the entire energy at your dental practice.

And you know that everything is energy. Or do you still doubt it?

How do I know all this?

I have worked at my own dental office for  20 years.  Many dental assistants used to work for and with me during these many years. I know exactly what worked and what didn’t when it comes to team work. I can honestly say that I have been through every possible scenario regarding assistants. I could tell you some unbelievable stories.

Let me be very concrete:

Take time every single morning before your work with patients starts in order to arrange a meeting for 10 min. The purpose of this meeting is not to talk about patients, but to ask every staff member how she or he is doing. Asking and sincerely listening what they share with you is essential!

They are all human beings and have their”bad” days. Depending on the feedback you get from everyone, you can make changes, rearrange tasks, reschedule if necessary.

An example for you:

Jennifer is your best dental assistant. She excels in every area of your dental office. You love having her in your team. Last night her son had an ear infection and she has only slept for two hours. Her sharing this information with you gives you the flexibility to act, not to react when you finally realize how exhausted she is at 11 A.M. You never know what goes on behind closed doors. Imagine her being rude to patients, showing them she is anxious to go home to get some sleep. You might never find out about this behavior. When you know she has had a bad day, night etc. you can assign to her some other task for the day.

Do you get my point?

Do care about your staff members! This kind of treatment will not only be appreciated by them, but they will also have an incentive to please you even more.

I used to ask one my assistant how her mother was recovering from on operation every single day.  She thanked me by pampering my patients and outdoing herself at every task.

Try it and you will be amazed how everything will change at your dental office.




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