Creating Open Communication in Your Dental Business

Posted on September 9, 2010 in Dental Business

SDM-LK-179Keeping communication open in your dental business can go a long way toward ensuring that everything flows harmoniously and that all staff members know how to handle patients. Having a fully informed staff makes your practice seem more professional and more educated.  Having fully informed patients will make them feel that you are always honest and open with them, a trait much appreciated in a dentist.

Hold Dental Staff Meetings

Get all members of your dental staff together to find out what they know about the various dental procedures that you offer.  Then take time out to explain the basics of different procedures to them.  This way when patients ask questions of your support staff they will be able to more clearly explain practices and procedures.

If you work with other dentists who specialize in a certain treatment outside of your field it is important to learn about their services as well.  This way you can explain any dental procedure that you may want to refer your patients to a specialist for.  They will be far more comfortable getting a basic idea of the procedure from the dentist they know, before visiting with the specialist that they do not know.

Also learn a little bit more about what your staff members do. Know what your hygienists are working on inside and out, find out how the computer system works.  This seems rather trivial but knowledge is power in so many ways and besides, you never know when you are going to use it.

Develop Open Communication with your Dental Patients

Beyond just having open communication with your dental staff and coworkers it is vital that you have open communication with your patients.  When you are working on a patient or setting them up for a future service, explain to them what you are doing and why you need to do it.  Do not leave patients in the dark, they like to be informed and many are going to go home and Google the service you are providing anyway.  When you keep your patients in the dark about services they often feel that they are unnecessary or worse that you are undermining their intelligence.  Just avoid this all together by keeping the lines of communication between yourself and your patient open and honest.  Everyone loves an honest dentist.  You will be amazed how good your retention rates can be with a little honesty and openness in your dental practice.

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