The best way to motivate your dental assistants

Posted on November 22, 2011 in Dental Business

The best way to motivate your dental assistants

One of the biggest challenges for every dentist is the motivation of the members of his or her staff.

How do you talk to your dental assistants, how do you inspire them, how do you motivate them?

Let me give you the answer in a nutshell:

Motivation happens on an emotional level!

How is this meant?

You can inspire anyone by touching their heart.

How do you apply this suggestion in your daily communication with the members of your staff?

First of all:

  • Always talk to your employees directly in person!

Instead of asking your receptionist to communicate the message with them, please do it yourself.


Because this way you show your dental assistants that they are worth your time and attention.

And most importantly, you avoid any misunderstandings that can occur when delivered by a third party.

This may sound obvious to you, but you have no idea how many dentists do not talk directly to their dental assistants.


  • During the conversation look everyone into their eyes!

This is how you express your respect to others. Mutual respect is the foundation for every successful communication.

Last, but not least:

  • Talk from your heart to their hearts.

You will be surprised how enthusiastic your dental assistants can get when you succeed in touching their emotions.

Try the suggestions I provided based on my 20 years of experience in being a leader of a successful dental team.

And please leave a comment on our blog so that others dentists can benefit from your suggestions, ideas or experience on how you motivate your dental assistants.

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