Work / Life Balance: Crucial Steps for Dentists

Posted on May 13, 2011 in Dental Business

Do you have the feeling you are a slave to your dental office, running a rat race day in, day out?

Do you think the solution is to increase the speed of running? The faster, the better? Have you tried and tried and it did not work?

Well, the good news is, you are not alone. Almost 80% of the dentists all over the world feel the same way.

Why is it so and how you can change it?

How do I know all this? I started my career as a dentist in my own dental office in November 1991 and just recently sold the business very profitably! I’ve gone through this phase of rat racing and know how you feel. For me it ended up in a dramatic life challenge in 1998. That’s when I got cancer and was forced to stop, step back and change my life. It does not have to go that far for you.

This is why I am sharing this information with you, dear colleague.

Here is the answer you are waiting to hear:

You have to break out of the vicious cycle, radically, completely.

Step No. 1

Ask yourself the question:

Am I living the life I want to live and do I want to live the same way the next one or two or even more years to come? I invite you to take a hard and thorough look at all areas of your life.

If the answer is “no, I don’t want to keep living like this” make a conscious decision to change your life. This step is crucial.

Every following step depends on this one. Only when you are certain about your decision to radically change your life, miracles can start to happen. The change has to happen on the inside first, i.e. your mindset has to have changed toward believing the transformation has already occurred.  And then it can be manifested in the real world. The law of attraction says it on every corner:

Your inner world creates your outer world.

Step No.2

Ask yourself the next question:

Why are you doing what you are doing? Why did you decide to become a dentist? Was it your parents who moved you in this direction because they themselves were dentists or because a dentist supposedly earns a lot of money?

Are you only pursuing the money or do you see yourself as a servant of your patients, serving them authentically from your heart? Are you really aware how huge the impact of your dental work is on the quality your patients’ lives? Do you realize that the services you provide as a dentist are even life changing for the people who enter your dental office?

Please take time to answer this question for yourself.

Chasing the big money has never satisfied anyone. And you are not going to be an exception. I have done it for years and I know what I am talking about. It just does not work this way.

Every human being wants his or her life to be meaningful.

How does your life appear meaningful to you?

We will continue your journey in the upcoming weeks. Please stick with me.

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