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Posted on August 24, 2010 in Dental Marketing

Ad for tongue scraper in JapanAs a dentist you may be a little put off by the thought of “marketing” your dental business.¬† After all you didn’t major in business, you majored in dentistry.¬† What you might be surprised to find out is how much of what you do in your day to day business consists of marketing.¬† You would probably also be surprised to find out what little changes you could make to greatly improve your business.¬† Here are some ideas for how to market your dental practice effectively.

Connect with Your Patients

You are a dentist so first and foremost your plan is to get as many patients as you can set up with as many procedures as you can.¬† This is part of your dental marketing plan.¬† You obviously care about dental hygiene, it’s important to you, but not beyond the importance of supporting your family and paying off student loans. However, being a good dentist requires you to be a good person.¬† You need to be capable of forming empathy for your patients. You need to make them feel like you genuinely care about their well being.

Exhibit Chairside Manner

The number one way of letting your customers know you care is by exhibiting good bedside manner.  You need to show the patient that you care, listen for any concerns, and acknowledge whatever trouble they may be having.  Being a good dentist is a part of marketing since it is the way you get your patients to stick with you.  It is also the best way to get new dental patients, since word of mouth is more effective in your dental business than anything else.

Communicate With Your Patients

Ask your patients how they feel about your services regularly.  Also do not put them under a great deal of duress to purchase procedures that they cannot afford.  Yes, you have to suggestively sell and market your more high-end dental procedures, but keep it practical.  Do not turn into a salesman; keep your first job in mind. Also, do not try to talk patients into unnecessary procedures who you know have very limited cash. This will often result in a loss of patient.

The most important thing to remember about dentistry is that you are doing something very important for people.  You are working to keep their teeth healthy and their self-esteem high.  You do not want to make them feel bad about themselves in any way.  Every aspect of your dental office is in essence a part of marketing.  How you, your staff, and your office are presented to the patient affect how the patient feels about your dental practice.  How the patient feels about your practice will greatly effect if she stays with you for the long run, what services she buys, and who she refers to you.

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