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Posted on March 24, 2011 in Dental Marketing

Today, every sector, whether it is business, education or any profession, needs promotion and marketing to reach out to a large number of people. Dentistry is no exception. As a dentist, you need more patients, and you also want to increase the returns on your investment (ROI). It is difficult for many dentists to meet the cost of the dental equipment and the clinic, because the number of patients is dropping. Many dentists (and I’ll bet you’re one of them) feel that dental services are for giving relief to the patients who are in pain and who are in dire need of quick dental services; dentists focus on being care-givers, rather than focusing on growing their dental business.

However, every dental practice needs better, more effective marketing strategies to reach patients on a regular basis. There are several dental strategies that you can employ to grow your practice, but today, perhaps the most important focus is online marketing.

SEO and PPC Marketing

Years ago, word of mouth was sufficient for getting more patients into the dental business. However, these days everyone is turning to the Internet to find products or services, including dental services. Many people use search engines like Google to research dentists, and the dental website that is on the top of the search engines gets the maximum attention from these potential patients. Therefore, everyone is competing for the top rankings. This is called SEO or search engine optimization. Many dentists are investing top dollar in SEO to help their dental practice rise in the search engines and get maximum visibility.

Similarly, there are others who are trying the paid advertising models such as PPC or pay per click. With a properly optimized PPC campaign, you can be guaranteed a spot on the first page of the search engines. Since it is a paid model, you need to pay for every click that has been made to your website. However, PPC advertising can be useful in finding potential patients instantly.

Professional Online Marketing Services

There are some professional companies that can help your website top the search engine results pages. They provide professional services and help you choose between SEO, PPC, or a combination of both. They can even optimize the content and keywords in your website to help you get the attention of your perfect target market. These professional marketing companies generally produce a higher return on your advertising investment than you could achieve on your own, and they typically produce more qualified leads for your services. Many of these companies can also ensure that your services be marketed in social media websites such as Facebook to get the maximum attention and generate a conversation with potential patients.

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