Dental Marketing Tips from Successful Dentists

Posted on May 11, 2011 in Dental Marketing

Only a person, who is successful in a particular field, can tell you about the best and most successfulSuccessful Dentistsstrategies. Whether it is a business or a dental professional, you need some cues from the stalwarts in that field to reach the zenith. In the dental practice also, you must follow the footprints as well as adopt the strategies of some very successful and renowned dentists.  You must be wondering if there is any platform where these successful dental professionals have shared their valuable tips and wealth of knowledge. Well, here are some chosen pearls from the ocean of wisdom.

A well known dentist from Virginia says, “The key to my success is the successful internal systems”. It is not just your marketing strategy which can guarantee the growth in your dental business, but marketing coupled with effective internal processes and best practices such as proper phone scripts used by all staff members and an effective procedure that is followed when new patients visit your practice for the first time.¬† He is of the opinion that a dentist needs to change the marketing strategy and marketing forms according to your business goals and personal goals.

Another successful dentist from Colorado attributes his successful dental practice to the long term commitment of his staff. His views also reflect the popular opinion that marketing can be done once your internal processes are established and the team is stable and working well together. His team takes it upon themselves to be responsible for internal marketing, and because of this his dental office receives an above average number of patient referrals.

This ties in well with the opinion of another renowned dentist from Colorado, who feels that external marketing cannot really do much for the growth of your dental practice. Instead, you need to focus on the conduct of your dental staff, providing your dental patients with extraordinary service and exceptional care. This will eventually spread through word of mouth, which is much more powerful than any marketing you can do on your own. He feels that though this method is slow, it really works for most dentists in the long run.¬† However, you might want to supplement with direct marketing campaigns while you’re waiting for word of mouth to kick in.

An extremely successful dentist from California says that he hires the best staff that has the attitude for serving others along with a great sense of humor. He believes that developing a relationship with patients and other staff members and seeing the bigger picture is all the more important in the field of dental practice. Nothing can beat quality service and a relationship-based dental practice.

All in all, the best marketing tools are valuing your patients and building a strong tie with them so that they come back to you and bring you more business from their family and friends.  This is the thought echoed by almost every successful dentist.

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