Dental Marketing with QR Codes

Posted on May 19, 2011 in Dental Marketing

Even if you’ve never heard of a QR, or Quick Response, code, you’ve undoubtedly seen one. QR codes are those little black-and-white patterns of dots and squares that frequently show up in print advertising material, such as posters or newspaper ads. They can hold much more information than a standard bar code. Used well, QR codes can be a boost your dental marketing campaign.

QR codes can be read by anyone who has a Smartphone or tablet computer with a camera and a QR reader app. passing the Smartphone‚Äôs camera over the QR code is just like scanning a bar code at the supermarket. A QR code usually represents the address of a Website; it can be used for your own dental marketing website. Once it’s scanned, the code will direct the device’s browser to the Web site.

This process takes only a few seconds and is much quicker and easier than having to manually type in a Web address. So QR codes represent a convenience for your potential patients, and can bring more traffic and eyeballs to your Web site to read about your services. There’s also the fun factor: QR codes are still a novelty in America, and including one in your print advertising will get people to try it just out of curiosity. And including a QR code is an easy way to show that you‚Äôre keeping up with modern trends in technology, drawing in Smartphone and tablet users who normally wouldn’t bother to read your Web site on their devices.

QR codes are simple to use. They can be use wherever you like: fliers, posters, newspaper ads, checkup reminder cards, or wherever you might normally print your Web address.

People today are bombarded constantly with ads, and rarely pay attention to any advertisement for more than a few seconds. Any successful dental marketing campaign needs to make the most of those few seconds. Using QR codes is one of the easiest ways to get that attention while providing a convenience. If your Web site isn’t getting enough attention, try adding a QR code to your traditional advertising and watch the hits start coming in!

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