Setting Your Dental Marketing Budget

Posted on May 12, 2011 in Dental Marketing

Setting your dental marketing budget is an important aspect of starting, and continuing, your dentalKAN_0685business. Unless you have some sort of marketing going on, few people will know about you and even less will visit you. It may seem counterproductive to spend money on dental marketing if you are making no or little income, because you don’t have the money to spend.

However, if you aren’t making any money with your dental business, then you are just going to lose money with operating costs, paying any employees and business and property costs. Making a dental marketing budget is imperative to getting your dental business off the ground and to get patients to come in.

So, what should you spend on dental marketing? That’s a very hard question to answer, because it depends on variables such as your competition, location, and so on. But here’s the short answer: as much as it takes. Until people are coming in, keep spending on marketing. Don’t go to extravagant lengths at first like spending $20,000 on your first month, but start out small. A couple hundred a month is a good starting spot. See if it helps your business. If not, then increase the amount.

What can you spend your marketing money on? Dental marketing isn’t a limited environment, and you can take advantage of common marketing tactics. To start off, print out about 1,000 flyers and hang them around your area. Make sure it blankets the area so everyone sees it.

Then, either attached to the flyer or as a separate document, make some coupons. A time-sensitive coupon, for any business, immediately brings in customers. Everyone is looking to save money, and your dental business is no different. Many dentists find that new patient introductory offers work very well as a coupon – just be sure to check your state and local laws for any advertising restrictions that may apply.

Direct mail has also worked well for many dentists, and is a good place to spend your dental marketing budget. Just get an address list and send out your marketing materials. Everyone has teeth, and even if they don’t they can still use your service.

If you get little results from a direct mail campaign, look into TV commercials. Everyone watches TV, so a commercial can be a great way to expose prospects to your dental business. Many dentists believe that TV advertising is way too expensive, so they never even investigate this option. Many local cable stations offer very reasonable advertising packages. And of course, to entice people more, offer a discount. You can even ask people to mention your commercial to get the discount. This is a great way to gauge how many people have seen the commercial.

Now that you’ve got patients, you can scale down your dental marketing right? The patients are here, so there’s no reason to keep spending money where it isn’t needed.

Absolutely wrong. Even after you have patients, you still need to spend money on marketing. Some patients will be fickle, and won’t come in unless they see a discount. Not only that, but you want to constantly increase the amount of people who see your marketing, so you get more patients and your dental practice grows instead of stagnates.

Setting your dental marketing budget doesn’t take much work, but it does require patience. Don’t think of spending money on marketing as a waste, and don’t get stressed if it doesn’t work immediately. Just keep marketing, and eventually the patients will start flowing in.

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