Writing an About Us Page for your Dental Marketing Website

Posted on September 29, 2010 in Dental Marketing

Writing a good “About Us” page for your dental marketing website is an important part of your dental marketing efforts. Believe it or not, it is one of the first pages that most new visitors look at it.¬† This means that this is the place where first impressions are most often made, with the exception of your home page.Photo by herzogbr

The Basic Contents of Your Dental Practice About Us Page

For the most part the About Us page of a dental marketing website works as combination of a blurb and a biography.  You use this page to introduce yourself, your dental business, as well as important staff and coworkers. It is a good idea to introduce each of the people with a well written run down of personal and professional information, including minor family details and degree information as well as any specialty.

In addition to providing a bio for all important members of your dental staff, you may also want to include a brief history of your dental practice.  But remember, you want to keep the contents of this page short and to the point, so keep each individual blurb down to a few paragraphs and a simple image.

Introduce Your Dental Practice

It is best to provide the information that pertains to your dental business as a whole prior to personal biographies.  This section is a main selling point for your dental practice.  You may want to follow it up with separate links for each individual you have chosen to include in the biography section.  This will bring readers to an individual “about me” page for each of these people.

Bio Page Set Up

You can add an individual About Us page for each dental staff member, or you can put all the bios on the same page.  Either way, you should keep a uniform style for each individual blurb.  Most often this will start with a professional photograph of each person.  Follow that up with that person’s name and their place within the practice.

After presenting their basic information, give an extremely brief rundown of personal attributes, such as hobbies or family life. After that include a rundown of professional accolades, including awards, degrees, internships, and special training.

When working on the individual blurbs, whether they are together or on separate pages, keep everything uniform. Make sure that images are roughly the same size and keep information together on each page.  Using the same fonts and background colors, even on separate pages, will make this section appear more professional. Remember that even these individual bios are doing their part to sell your dental practice to new patients.

Creating an About Us page for your dental website is often an afterthought. But, because studies show that the About Us page is the second-most read page of any website, it’s important that you give this section the time and attention that it deserves.

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